With a track record of over two decades, TAFCON is a one stop solution provider for conducting International Exhibitions and Conferences.

TAFCON is a professionally managed company with over five decade of experience & expertise in organizing international Exhibitions & Conferences in India & Overseas. Masterminded by a core team of experts, Tafcon is one of the leading names for development of trade exhibitions in India.

Industry is now witnessing changing trends. General fairs have given way to specialized commodity trade shows. Targets have become focussed, the gamut of exhibitions expanded and standards turned global. It is a scenario in which professional trade fair organizers alone can cater to the needs of the Industry, by presenting B2B oriented fairs that lead to trade and joint ventures. ReadMore


  • Taking trade to new horizons
  • To develop International business platforms and lend catalytic role in technology transfer and development of inter & intra regional trade.
  • To organize niche and specialized Technical Conferences on current topics.
  • To spearhead the process of providing B2B oriented exhibitions for promotion of products and services & to make exhibitions a powerful tool for trade promotion.
  • To work towards building an ethically oriented trade fair culture in India.

Events Organized