The Period Ending 2012 (January) closed with a record eighty Trade Fairs – organized by TAFCON since its inception.

Concept to commissioning International Trade Fairs – 65
As consultants & managers, visualized & developed, national and international trade fairs – 15

  • Organized International Trade Fairs / Exhibitions at New Delhi / Chennai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Jabalpur and Mauritius.
  • Developed on site Fair Management and Front Desk Management for Trade Fairs.
  • Built up B2B interaction between domestic and overseas Exhibitors and visitors.
  • Promoted brands and branding.
  • Patronage of large number of overseas countries by their consistent participation.
  • Management of Conference & technical seminars and Press Conference for Exhibitors.
  • Training given for representatives from Sri Lanka in “International Trade Fair Management”.
  • Provided services for – Design & Construction, Designing promotional literature and on site support services.

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